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The Council of the National Museum of Australia (the accountable authority) is pleased to present the Museum’s 2023–24 Corporate Plan. The plan covers the reporting periods 2023–24 to 2026–27, as required under paragraph 35 (1) (b) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth).

The Corporate Plan is the primary planning document for the Museum. It outlines the activities the Museum will undertake over the course of the current financial year and forward estimates period to achieve our purpose, and the way in which the outcomes of these activities will be measured and assessed.

The Museum’s priorities and key actions for the four-year period covered by this plan are set out in our new Strategic Plan 2023–2027. In both the Strategic and Corporate plans, we commit to implementing the five pillars of the National Cultural Policy, Revive: A place for every story, a story for every place, and have aligned our strategic priorities and activities to these pillars.

We look forward to presenting performance results for the year in the annual performance statements contained in the Museum’s 2023–24 Annual Report.

Ben Maguire
Chair of Council
August 2023

Our purpose

The National Museum of Australia was established to develop and maintain the National Historical Collection for the benefit of the nation, and to bring to life the rich and diverse stories of Australia. Central to the Museum’s role as a national institution is our focus on meaningful engagement with all Australians in the telling of their stories, and our commitment to the histories and cultures of Australia’s First Nations peoples. The Museum achieves this by caring for and strengthening the collection, and by sharing the stories of Australia’s people and places, and its social and natural environment, with national and international audiences.

Our functions are set out in the Museum’s enabling legislation, the National Museum
of Australia Act 1980.

Download the full Corporate Plan 2023–24 (PDF 2 mb)

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