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What was daily life like along the Nile in ancient Egypt?

2 February to 6 September 2024

Mondays and Fridays


$15 per student with free entry for supervising adults

Year levels



90 minutes – 60 minutes with a Museum education officer and 30 minutes of teacher-supervised exploration

Group size

Minimum 10, maximum 60 students

Learning areas

History, Arts, HASS

How did ancient Egyptians prepare for the eternal after-life?

Explore more than 220 fascinating objects from the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities to discover the everyday practices and religious beliefs of ancient Egyptian people.

Spanning 3,000 years of society and culture, the Discovering Ancient Egypt exhibition provides students with the opportunity to step through a life-sized temple recreation, see extracts from the Book of the Dead, and examine intricately decorated coffins and depictions of gods including Isis and Horus.

Students will also investigate everyday Egyptian artefacts including household pottery, objects for worship, and an ancient board game, before spending time in the exhibition’s discovery space for hands-on activities.

Please note: This exhibition includes the display of mummified people and animals.

Banner image: Stela of Pamaaf (detail), about 943–746 BCE, EG-ZM242. Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

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