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Our Kspace Franklin River teacher resources include creative projects, assignment questions and online activities, all linked to the Australian Curriculum.

They were developed for use with our Kids learning space, where videos, photographs and background help provide answers and inspiration for students.

An artistic impression of a landscape depicting rock formations and foliage

Setting the scene

Kspace takes visitors to the Franklin River in Tasmania in 1983. Major industrial projects often have an environmental impact, creating tensions between those who favour development and those who want to protect the natural environment.

Questions children can keep in mind if visiting this scene at the Museum are:

  • What are some of the features of the environment?
  • What animals can be seen?
  • What people are in this scene and what are they doing?

Narrative and gameplay

Our free, printable visitor access guide gives a sense of what happens in the game before you visit the Museum. It includes storyboards on the Franklin River narrative and gameplay and a detailed description of the Kspace experience.

This guide is also helpful for students with hearing impairment, learning difficulties or limited mobility, who may need to prepare before they visit.

Primary source study

A gas mask worn by artist Benny Zable as ‘Greedozer’ is representative of protests against the construction of the Franklin Dam in Tasmania in the 1980s.

Explore the Greedozer mask

Online quiz

Ten multiple choice quiz questions for students to demonstrate their knowledge of the Franklin River. Suitable for years 3 to 6. Quiz questions and answers are also available in a printable version (PDF 99kb)

Start the Franklin River online quiz

Online exercise

Exercise 1

Eight questions for students to demonstrate their understanding of the arguments used for and against the plan to dam the Franklin River. Suitable for years 3 to 6.

Start the Franklin River online exercise

Creative projects

Suggested projects for children to make and do.

  1. Draw two pictures of a river; one with a dam and one without.
  2. Design two posters: one to use at a protest opposing the building of a dam; one for a rally supporting the building of a dam.
  3. Create a diorama of the protest blockade on the Franklin River.
  4. Write and perform a play, featuring guests at a dinner party in 1983, discussing the proposed damming of the Franklin River.
  5. Create a journal recording the thoughts and observations of a person rafting down the Franklin River.
  6. Write a letter to the editor from a worker employed in the construction of the Franklin River dam.
  7. Present a Powerpoint presentation showing the history of dams in Australia.

Written assignments

Suggested assignments questions encouraging children to think and write.

  1. The Franklin River protests were successful in raising awareness of the dam issue and helping to have the decision reversed. Describe another protest, highlighting the methods used and whether or not it achieved its goals.
  2. Discuss some of the benefits that come from building a dam.
  3. The Franklin Dam dispute was settled in the High Court of Australia after disagreements between the Federal and Tasmanian governments. Examine the role of parliaments and courts in Australian society.
  4. What role do protests play in a society? Are they part of the democratic process?
  5. What were the main reasons for the United Nations listing the Tasmanian Wilderness as a World Heritage site?

Note: inspiration and answers for online activities, creative projects and written assignments can be found in the Kids learning space

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