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Kspace took about three years to develop from scoping to commissioning. It was produced by a team of museum, multimedia, design and construction professionals, listed below.

National Museum of Australia

Core Kspace team

Project manager and executive producer: Karina West
Production coordinator and producer: Rebecca Budworth
Curator: Stephen Munro
Project support officer: Amy Wolgamot

A man and three women.
The National Museum's core Kspace team (from left) Stephen Munro, Karina West, Rebecca Budworth and Amy Wolgamot. National Museum of Australia

The Museum’s extended Kspace team included:

David Arnold
Stephanie Bull
Ian Campbell
Belinda Carman
Grace Clark
Rebecca Coronel
Conan Elphicke
Jon Freeman
Janda Gooding
Matthew Grady
Adam Johansen
Leanda Kitchen
Helen Kon
Jason McCarthy
Sean McKinty
Hermini Rohmursanto
Angela Rooke
Rick Ruthven
Martin Scott
George Serras
Andrew Shaw
Graham Smith
Michel Starling
Polly Templeton

Kspace contractors

Software design and development – Spinifex

Project managers: Charles Tait, Stella Carmody, Cyril de Baecque
Art director: Dhani Sutanto
Executive producer (stage 1): Daniel Burke
Software engineer and developer: Guillaume Bodi
3D supervisor: Roy Christian
Developer: Rene Christen
3D modellers and animators: Pepin Portingale, Nick Hunter, Michael Kang, Irene Macias, Andrew Papanikolaou, Jake Higgs, Kyle Chin, Carly Glover, Sophie Hogan, Glenn Murphy, Krister Collins, Stephen Casey, Bill Chen
Compositing: Jamie Tufrey, Will Skinner
Unity developer and animator: Clint Hannaford
Sound designer: Marcus Longfoot
Modellers: James Neale, James Laca
Model maker: Alison Osborne

Software design and development – Well Placed Cactus

Unity developers: Jack Gillespie, Paul Stapelberg, Nic Gomez, Leigh Mannes

Spatial design

Maria Briganti, Oblong Design

Construction and joinery

Lamond Building

Visual identity and design

Wingrove Design

Lighting and electrical services

Anthony Lindard, WSP Group
Richard Urbaniak, A&D Enterprises
Brett Fraser, Sound Advice

Hardware supply, installation and integration

Corporate Initiatives

Graphics printing and installation

Definitive Group

Workshop facilitation (stage 1)

Nigel Sutton


Special thanks to the wonderful young people and the families and teachers who helped us review and test Kspace during its development, including the students and teachers from:

Burgmann Anglican School, ACT
Curtin Primary School, ACT
Forrest Primary School, ACT
Woodleigh School, Victoria

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