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Expand the list below for details about all references to Aboriginal breastplates, either in written sources or known to be or have been held in collections, which have been discovered in the course of research for Jakelin Troy's King Plates book, published in 1993.

Not included in the list are the breastplates held in the National Museum of Australia’s collection which are contained in the list of breastplates by state.

The inscription is given first and is followed (where known) by a date, location, brief description of the decoration, shape and metal, dimensions (exact or approximate where known), and (in brackets) a reference to the source of the information.

The source of information is often a museum collection in which the item is held. The list is alphabetical according to the name (in bold type) of the person for whom the gorget was inscribed.

Known Aboriginal gorgets

InscriptionDateLocation Source of informationIdentification
blank plate, no inscription    Museum Victoria 86131
King Abraham mid-19th century Loddon River, Victoria Joyce 1949 88
Adam, King of Barcoodilla    Australian Museum TRG Lawrence & Sons Auctioneers, England
Alice Queen of Mannum   possibly South Australia Museum Victoria X87565
Bagot, King of Coodoobluie   NSW Australian Museum Alex Dickensen
Balderoy, Duke of Wallandroo   NSW Australian Museum E54300
Presented to Baraban by Shepherd Laidley in Remembrance of the 9th Dec 1867 Shoalhaven district, NSW Australian Museum E80460
Barabahn or MacGil, Chief of the Tribe at Bartabah, on Lake Macquarie; a Reward for his assistance in reducing his Native Tongue to a written Langauge — also Biraban   Lake Macquarie, NSW Gunson 1974 vol. 1, 6
Benbo, Chief of the Weirabee 1830–f40s Melbourne, Victoria Haydon 1854 49
Bill, Wyoming, Brisbane Water   Hawkesbury district, NSW Australian Museum H610
Billy of Breeze   NSW Australian Museum E54302
Billy Dolly, Chief of Carriwong Creek   NSW Australian Museum E54314
Billy Elingeit, King of the Barweegee Tribe   NSW Australian Museum Alan Amstensen
Billy Goat, King of Bumbarlo    Australian Museum AA Wood, Sydney
Billy Griffith, King of Waradgery 1866 NSW Australian Museum E54315
Billy, King of Ena    Australian Museum H774
Billy, King of Myrtle Creek    McCarthy 1952  
Billy, King of Nanima   Wellington Valley, NSW Mitchell Library R251(a)
Billy Natikillie, King of Thundapurthy   Thundapurthy, Birdsville district, Queensland South Australian Museum A44871
King Billy, Wooroowoolgen 1898 Richmond River region, NSW Australian Museum Casino and District Historical Society, Casino, NSW
Bluey, King of Glenariff   Cobar-Bourke district, NSW Australian Museum E54307
McCarthy 1952, 330
Bob of Boulia 1930 Queensland Noble Numismatics collection (Captivating & Curious)
Bobby King of Canargo   probably NSW Museum Victoria X47934
Bobby Chief of the Yulgilbar Tribe   Yulgilbar, Clarence River, NSW National Library of Australia:  
Bobby, King of Grafton   NSW Hooper 1990 103
King Bogan 1840s between Bathurst and Baroo, NSW Graham 1863 66
Boongong Numitt, Chief of the Purrier Tribe    Powerhouse Museum A7767
Mr. Brodie, King Kooramarow of Yattimbarilla or Connors River   Queensland Australian Museum E80572
Berry to Broughton for digging a canal single handedly a feat no white man could emulate   Berry, south coast, NSW Australian Museum  
Bum-Balie, Chief of Whalan   Whalan, north of Moree, NSW Australian Museum H780
Bunya Jimmey, King of the Hastings River   NSW Hooper 1990 103
Burrawambilly, Chief of Bowbow    Powerhouse Museum A7769
InscriptionDateLocation Source of informationIdentification
A reward for merit to Charley of Tullungunnully    Mitchell Library R250(g)
Charley, King of Birran    Hooper 1990 103
Charley, Chief of Merri 5th Feb 1848   Mitchell Library ZDR 204
Tuna Wanjinata Brabrolung Kraotun Kurnai Ngiu, King Charley of the Snowy River, Wanjanai Kangu Brabrolung Djitta Wangu Blayta   Snowy River, Orbost, Victoria Museum Victoria X81483
Charlie, King of Yatton   Queensland Australian Museum E80573
Cobbor Bill, King of Goldbum   Goldbum, Burrill Lake, Milton, NSW Australian Museum E75981
Cockabundy, Chief of Jerrickanora   Jerricknorra, NSW Australian Museum E54297
Cockabundy, Chief of Tollwong   Tollwong, Shoalhaven River district, NSW   
Cockey, Chief of Wooleroo   Hunter Valley, NSW Australian Museum Bruce Penfold, NSW
Cramberlown Charlie   Picton, NSW Australian Museum Mr E Garrad, NSW
Dan of the Wiljakali   western NSW Noble Numismatics collection (Captivating & Curious)
Davey, King of New England   NSW Australian Museum E65063
David, Prince of Alamongarindi    Mitchell Library R251(c)
Dawalla of Wagga Wagga   NSW Noble Numismatics collection (Captivating & Curious)
King Denny    Hooper 1990 103
Derry .S., King of Casino 1885 Casino, NSW Australian Museum Richmond River Historical society, NSW
Dubbo, King of Meilmam   Meilmam, NSW South Australian Museum A65967
Duke Pollard of Curraburmah   probably Victoria Museum Victoria X80672
Ellen 1st, Queen of Iluka    Australian Museum W R Medway-Smith, NSW
Frederick King of Gouboulion, from Chas. Lawson   Bathurst, NSW Australian Museum E49461
King George, Colungulac   Western District, Victoria Museum Victoria X49214
King George, South Grafton, Clarence River   Biamanga, Wallaga and Bega district, NSW Hooper 1990 103
George, King of Waterview    Australian Museum Pam Fritzpatrik [sic]
Gooseberry, Queen of Sydney to South Head    McCarthy 1952 328
Cora Gooseberry. Freeman Bungaree, Queen of Sydney c1800   Mitchell Library ZR 251(b)
Harry Mulbah, Chief of Berrallawah    Powerhouse Museum A7765
Headman    Australian Museum Bruce Ussher
Prince Henry of Duchess   Mount Isa, Queensland McCarthy 1952
Husky, 1853 King of the Morton Bay Tribe 1853 Brisbane, Queensland Australian Museum E54303
InscriptionDateLocation Source of informationIdentification
Jack Kapeen, King of Wollongbar   Richmond River region, NSW Richmond River Historical Society, NSW  
Jackabone   NSW Australian Museum E54306
Jackey, King of Balgaraliung    Australian Museum
McCarthy 1952



Jacky, King of Illawarra 1860–80   Australian Museum E83852
King Jacky, Weriss Creek   south-west Tamworth, NSW Australian Museum E77633
Jackey, King of Youwandah   probably Youendah, NSW Australian Museum JH Myrtle
Jackey, King of Yowandah   Queensland private collection  
Jacob, King of Bathurst    private collection  
Jacob Icely, Constable, Coombing 1863 Barwon, NSW Australian Museum E67345
Jacky Cumbo, Texas   Queensland Mitchell Library R250(a)
Presented by His Excellency Sir Charles Augustus Fitz Roy … Governor … NSW, to Jackey Jackey 1848–49   Mitchell Library R453
Jackey Jackey King of Logan and Pimpama – also John Logan and Aboriginal name Bilinba (meaning ‘king parrot’)   Logan River, Queensland photo and info from Ysola Best  
Jacky Jacky, constable, King of Toolooby    Mitchell Library R250(b)
King James of Baelpin, Patrick Plains   NSW Museum Victoria X83038
James Piper, Thomas Piper, constable    Mitchell Library R250(c)
Jemmy Abigail, chief of the Braidwood Tribe   NSW Australian Museum E54304
Jemmy Curraburma 1843 Yeo Yeo and Mow Poke Creeks Graham 1863 253
Jemmy Rodd, Constable    Powerhouse Museum A7766
Jemmy Vincent, King of Dogingorogaram   NSW Australian Museum E54312
Jenny, Queen of Broulee   south coast NSW Hooper 1990 103
Jerro, chief of Waverly    Australian Museum E54310
Jerry, King of Gurah   Gurah later Werrina, Boomi River, NSW Australian Museum E77655
Jerry, Overseer of Woolshed   Wellington district, NSW Australian Museum
McCarthy 1952


King Jetto, Wallumbi   Wollombi, NSW Australian Museum E54309
Jimbalungie, King of Werai   probably NSW Museum Victoria X86901
Jimey, King of Boondoon 1892   Australian Museum Mrs MM Gudmore, South Australia
Jimmy Thompson, King, Laura Deighton Tribe   Island, north Queensland South Australian Museum A14039
King Joe by T. icely 1844 Bangaroo Station, Canowindra district, NSW Australian Museum Canowindra Historical Museum, NSW
Joe Bungaree – King of the Blacks 1886   Australian Museum Mrs J M Lowry, NSW
Joe Timbrey, Chief of the Five Islands   Illawarra, NSW Australian Museum E543111
John, Chief of Burrooa, Presented by J.J. Howell    Mitchell Library ZR250(d)
King John, Navena   northwest NSW or central Queensland Australian Museum RC Williams, NSW;
Cook 1981
King John of Wagala    Australian Museum WR Medway-Smith, NSW
John Piper, Conqueror of the Interior 1836 Bathurst, NSW Mitchell 1839
Kitten, Chief of the Sydney Tribe   Sydney, NSW Australian Museum E54316
InscriptionDateLocation Source of informationIdentification
Malcolm Chief of Kukuruk Mum    Museum Victoria X86130
Margaret, Queen of Gundurimba   Richmond River region, NSW Australian Museum Richmond River Historical Society, NSW
King Merryman, Wallaga Lake   south coast NSW NMA Milne Album p.15
Mickey Johnson, King; Illawarra   Illawarra, NSW Australian Museum Chiddick Jamberoo; Kiama Museum
Moororar of Namutch   NSW Australian Museum E54299
Moringally, Chief of Natty    Australian Museum Mr E Garrad, NSW
Mushroonah, Aid de camp to the King of Ta-wang-ah   Tawangah, Goodooga, NSW South Australian Museum A69211
Presented to Queen Narjin of the Nyungar, Albany, 11th May 1880 11th May 1880 Albany, Western   Australia private collection  
Neddy, King of Windorah   Inverell district, NSW Australian Museum
McCarthy 1952


Neil, King of Mount Harris, the gift of Robert Martin Junr   Coonamble district, NSW Australian Museum E54305
Nemmit, 1825, Chief of the Sutton Forest Tribe 1825 Sutton Forest, NSW Mitchell Library ZR 250(f)
New Chum Harry, King of the Mulgi   Richmond River region, NSW Australian Museum Richmond River Historical Society, NSW
Oombejang-Watson, Wellington Valley, Missionary Stockman mid 19th century Wellington Valley, NSW Robertson 1928 81
King Paddy, Buchan   Victoria private collection  
Peter Chief of Natal Downs   Clermont, Queensland Museum Victoria unregistered
Peter Belmy, King of Yerally, Gindenbar and Gundirimbah   Yerally, Wyrallah and Gindenbar, Camp Creek Australian Museum Richmond River Historical Society, NSW
InscriptionDateLocation Source of informationIdentification
Robert, King of Tatala   Tatala later Angledool Station, NSW Australian Museum E54295
Mr. Ross, King of Kulkyne and Mornpool    National Library of Australia RS/NK:1881
Rowley – King of Tomki   Tomki, Tomki Creek, north Lismore, NSW Australian Museum E78043
Presented to Queen Rungini of the Nyungar, 11th May 1881, Albany 11th May 1881 Albany, Western Australia private collection  
King Sandy, Moreton Bay 1890 Brisbane, Queensland painting by Oscar Fristrom (1898)
Donaldson 1985
Sandyman and Biddy, King and Queen of Ashby    Australian Museum WR Medway-Smith, NSW
Syntax King of Brabcut   Carr’s Plains Western District, Victoria Museum Victoria unregistered
Taffy, King of Thundapurty   Birdsville district, Queensland South Australian Museum A41782
Tallboy, King of Moorabie   posterior centre ‘J. Fitzsimys(?), 113 Pitt St, Arts(?) Sydney National Library of Australia RS/NK:1880
Thommy Weavers, King of Curvy, Kangaroo Swamp   Bathurst district, private collection  
Tinker, King of Teraiche   Chowilla, Queensland The Adelaide Observer 4.4.1885, p
Toby King of Ravensbroome   Queensland Museum Victoria X87564
Toby, King of Wambangalang, Wellington   Wellington, NSW Oxley Museum, Wellington, NSW  
Tommy of Bungebar    Museum Victoria unregistered
Tommy, King of Carrs Creek   Grafton, NSW Australian Museum E77636
Tommy Bunn-Berrah, King of Swan Reach   Gippsland, Victoria Museum Victoria X86129
King Tommy Grinnon, Chief of the Muringo Tribe    Mitchell Library R250(e)
Tommy, King of Tarngan   Mungindi, NSW-Queensland border private collection  
Tommy, Chief of Tartongor   probably north-east Victoria Museum Victoria X72553
InscriptionDateLocation Source of informationIdentification
King Wagor-Day, Black Rock, Bathhurst   Bathurst private collection  
Wild Duck, King of Windermere    Hooper 1990 103
Master William, King of Sugarloaf    Powerhouse Museum A7768
Willie Murray, King of Doondi   Doondi Station, southern Queensland South Australian Museum GL Wlsh
King Witti of Mudgee   NSW private collection  
Wombail Oouthenang mid-19th century Armidale district, NSW Noble Numismatics collection (Captivating & Curious)
Womena Oothenang, Chief of Silannon Vieele    Hooper 1990 103
Youngerrow, Chief of the Rormear Tribe 1850s Encounter Bay, South Australia South Australian Museum A37624
unknown   Native of New England Australian Museum University of New England

Known pictures of Aboriginal people wearing breastplates

This list contains all the visual images of Aboriginal people wearing gorgets that were discovered during the course of research for the book.

The list follows this format: the inscription is given first and is followed (where known) by a date, location, brief description and a reference to the source of the information.

The source of information is often a museum collection in which the item is held. The list is alphabetical according to the name (in bold type) of the person for whom the gorget was inscribed. The pictures from the National Library of Australia are in the Pictorial Collection. NLA is National Library of Australia. NMA is National Museum of Australia.

NLA: National Library of Australia
NMA: National Museum of Australia

Benbow King — 1830s, Port Phillip (now Victoria); unsigned, undated sketch, State Library of New South Wales (Cannon 1983, 546)

Billy, King of Gracemere — late 19th century, Queensland (Lumholtz 1889, 363)

King Billy, Australia (NMA: Mr Gary Presland Collection, 1986.81.26)

King Billy, Ulupna — Murray River, Victoria; R emus, trees L kangaroos, trees (Cato 1976)

Billy Boney, King of Poison Creek (NLA: pictures, Australian Aborigines, king plates, Ferguson Collection)

King Brown. Woolumba — Noosa, Queensland (Steele 1983, 183)

King Budd Billy II — photograph of Budd Billy wearing his gorget seated beside his wife (Organ 1990, cover illustration)

Bungaree, Chief of Broken Bay Tribe — 1831, Sydney, New South Wales; drawn from life in 1831 by Charles Rodius, below sketch ‘King Bungaree. Chief of the Broken-Bay Tribe, N.S.Wales. Died 1832.’ (NLA: NK 880/9, d)

King Bungaree — Broken Bay, New South Wales, below sketch ‘Bungaree. Late Chief of the Broken-Bay-Tribe, Sydney’ (Fernyhough 1836, 19)

King Bungaree Native Chief of New South Wales — painting by Augustus Earle (NLA: NK no 2652)

Charlie Maranoa, Kunja Tribe — Maranoa, Queensland (McKellar, 1984, 30)

Fred Embrey, King of Mt Mia Station, Kilkivan, Feb 1st 1927 — Cherbourg, Queensland (South Australian Museum: N1375)

Jackey Jackey King of Logan and Pimpama — also John Logan and Aboriginal name Bilinba (meaning ‘king parrot’); Logan River, Queensland; crescentic, chain (photograph and information from Ysola Best)

King Jimmy of Mara and Queen Polly — Darling River, New South Wales (Jeffcoat 1991)

Jimmy Nyngan, King of Cuttaburra — Maranoa, Queensland (McKellar, 1984, 26)

Koonkoo Nutatucullie — c1920; Mungerrannie, New South Wales; an old Wangkangurru man (Haigh and Goldstein 1979, 55)

Queen Lily and King Billy — photo captioned ‘tribal Aborigines known as Queen Lily and King Billy of Ramahyuck, 1860s, Lily died of consumption in 1886 aged 54’; Victoria (Pepper and De Araugo 1989, title page; Stratford Historical Society)

Maria, Queen of Childers — Childers, Queensland; caption to photo ‘you gibbet sixpence me bin queen’ (Reynolds 1990, 150–51)

King Merryman, also Merriman — died 1909; Wallaga Lake, south coast New South Wales; R emu, tree, L Kangaroo, xanthorrhoea (NMA: Milne Album p. 15)

Mickey Johnson, King — c1896; Illawarra, New South Wales (NMA: Milne Album; NLA: pictures, Australian Aborigines, king plates)

King Morpha — Mt Shadwell Tribe; Portland, Victoria (Massola 1971, 138)

Murray Jack, Malian Yibal ?, King of the Wolgal — [inscription difficult to read] southern uplands New South Wales (Flood 1980, 33; King photograph no. 1061)

Nunberri, Chief of the Nunnerahs — 1837, New South Wales, sketch by Charles Rodius, below sketch ‘Nunberri. Chief of the Nunnerahs, N.S.Wales’ (NLA: 3381)

Tatambo, King — Victoria (NLA: pictures, Australian Aborigines, king plates)

Tommy, King of Noosa, Weyba Gootharaba, Tumburrawa — Cooloothin Creek, Queensland (Steele 1983, 183)

King Tommy, Carrs Creek. Belonging to Hy. Dix. Esq, Grafton — Grafton, New South Wales (NLA: Australian Aborigines, king plates)

Ye-i-nie King of Cairns, 1906 — Queensland, on back of photo ’King Ye-i-nie, Cairns tribe, Collection M. Jean Chayer p.21/6/‘27’ (NLA: SA NK 1880 and 1881)

?nelly/?.ra/M. Lachlan — [almost illegible inscription]; R emu L kangaroo, xanthorrhoea (NLA: pictures, Australian Aborigines, king plates; Ferguson Collection, Lindt Album no. 17 N/572.994/LIN)

unknown — 1834, lithograph by Charles Rodius in his Natives of NSW, 1834, plate 8 ‘Scene in a Sydney Street’

unknown — c1875; photo captioned ‘Alice River Blacks’ taken at Alice River, Queensland (NLA: Views of Queensland Album. 262, p.44, c1875)

unknown — photo captioned ‘At Home. A NSW Aboriginal King’ (NMA: Mr Gary Presland Collection 1986.81.89)

unknown — photo captioned ‘The Casino Tribe’, New South Wales (NLA: Aborigines, New South Wales)

unknown — cartoon captioned ‘Sydney Aboriginals — past and present’ (Illustrated Sydney News 1880–81, 18.5.1880)

unknown — photo captioned ‘Dyrraba Native Camp’ New South Wales (NLA: Aborigines, New South Wales, reg. NL 28280)

unknown — untitled photo of man wearing gorget (NLA: pictures, Australian Aborigines, king plates, photo by HB Ballard; Mitchell Library:HB Ballard album, Muswellbrook, Singleton, 1884–1885, Still 05338)

unknown — photo of man from Warrnambool, Victoria (NLA: pictures, Aborigines-Vic-Warrnambool, RH Croll Photographic Collection)

unknown — photograph captioned ‘Aboriginal encampment, Mt Leura, Camperdown, Vic’ (NLA: pictures, Aborigines-Vic, Album Victorian News 994.5)

unknown — sketch captioned ‘Native Camp near Lake Wellington, Victoria’ (Illustrated Australian News, 15.5.1869:116)

unknown — c1908; photo captioned: ‘Aboriginal Mia Mias, Murray River, N. Queensland’ (NLA: NK 6633 postcard album 1908 278a)

unknown — man in photo captioned: ‘Queensland Natives 1898’ (NLA: Album 256, p.77)

unknown — sketch captioned ‘Black’s Camp. Lake Tyers Mission. Gippsland’, Gippsland, Victoria 1869 (Illustrated Australian News, 7.8.1869:160)

unknown — photo of Elders from the Budjari and Kullila Tribes at the last big gathering at Caiwarro Station, 1913 one wearing a gorget (McKellar, 1984, 45)

unknown — photo captioned ‘The limestone church at Ebenezer, opened 1875’; Victoria (Pepper and De Araugo 1989, 14; Miss Susan Robinson)

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