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Neddy, King of Neis Valley

Engraved breastplate with an image of the sun engraved top centre.
Neddy, King of Neis Valley

This is a well-crafted sand-cast brass gorget made in a deep crescent shape that copies that of military gorgets. The face in the centre of the escarbuncle or sunburst decoration is a heraldic symbol of faith.

[1] The surfaces and suspension holes are well worn, indicating that it was handled and used often.

The style of lettering and design indicate mid-19th century. No information has been uncovered about Neddy. However, the Neis Valley is probably the Naas Valley near Tharwa, Australian Capital Territory.


[1] T Woodcock and JM Robinson, The Oxford Guide to Heraldry, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1988, p. 54.

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