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Erin Doupe, vox pop at the Global Climate Strike Melbourne, 20 September 2019

ERIN DOUPE: So my name is Erin Doupe and I’m 17 and I’m from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

CRAIG MIDDLETON: Do you want to tell us why you are here today?

ERIN DOUPE: So at my school we’ve made such a massive difference and today I’m here to stand with thousands of people that have also made a massive difference and want change for the environment and the future of our planet.

CRAIG MIDDLETON: Amazing. Can you tell me about the ‘Green Team’?

ERIN DOUPE: So at my school we’ve inspired a group of over 70 students now and growing every day to commit to and improve our schools sustainability. We’ve implemented this through compositing and setting up bin systems so we no longer have landfill just going there. We’ve also done things like have a stall at our school fair. We did a massive 2040 movie night fundraiser, which we’ve donated funds to FairShare this year, and we’re just continuing to make a change for our school and the planet.

CRAIG MIDDLETON: Amazing. Thank you.

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