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Calligraphy and Painting from the National Museum of China

This Australian-first exhibition explored the breadth and tradition of Chinese calligraphy and painting through artworks from the National Museum of China’s collection.

Previously on show at the National Museum of Australia, 5 April to 28 July 2019

In our collection

Harvest of Endurance: A History of the Chinese in Australia 1788-1988A handscroll painted with ink and colour. Scenes in traditional Chinese 'gong bi' [meticulous brushwork] style depict Chinese Australians engaged in agriculture, mining, construction, commerce and in social, political and religious activities. An initial inscription in Chinese calligraphy in black ink at the beginning of the scr...

29 Mar 2019

Historical Expression of Chinese Art

Visiting curator Yan Zheng shares valuable insights into the Emperor Qianlong’s Southern Inspection Tour scroll from the exhibition The Historical Expression of Chinese Art: Calligraphy and Painting from the National Museum of China. The lecture is conducted in Chinese and translated by a live interpreter.
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Presenters: Yan Zheng


This exhibition was part of a cultural exchange with the National Museum of China.

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