Material World self-guided tour

Explore stories of design, technology, material and culture with Lyndon Anderson, the National Museum's Swayn Senior Fellow of Australian Design.

Cropped image of an intricately woven glass object.

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Showcase of objects including wooden surfboard and chair. To right of showcase is a touch screen in a plinth and a poster promoting 'Material World' exhibition.
Four-legged red coloured chair made from wood/plastic composite.
Biycle tyre with silver spokes and a black rim and hub. The tyre is translucent blue with cylindrical ribs inside.
Small, off-white largely square-shaped bone substitute, with hole through centre.
Long, narrow strip of gold-bronze coloured material, with gentle folds.
Glass fish trap, with long, free-formed cylindrical design with an opening at the larger end, tapering to a close at the other end. It is gold and brown in colour with a darker pattern crisscrossing the exterior.
Meet your narrator

Swayn Fellow Lyndon Anderson trained as a designer and worked in the UK before moving to Australia where he has taught and researched for almost four decades. Lyndon is Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra and is passionate about his role at the National Museum, hoping to showcase the work of important Australian designers of the past and the present and to help the next generation of designers to find their voice.

Material World was developed in collaboration with the Swayn Gallery of Australian Design.

Lyndon Anderson