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Share your response to Endeavour Voyage and join our sea of opinions and perspectives.

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Exhibitions take you on a journey. The beginning and ending are crucial parts of their story.

Endeavour Voyage: The Untold Stories of Cook and the First Australians begins with some of the oldest objects representing human presence on this continent.

A grinding stone, axe head and ochre from the Madjebebe rock shelter in Northern Territory contextualise the 250 year-old Endeavour story within a 65,000 year-old timeline.

The exhibition ends with objects made by our visitors to mark 2020 as a new point on this timeline.

The result has been a sea of responses, opinions and perspectives. Visitors have responded to this as an opportunity to reflect not only on the story of the exhibition, but also on other issues that are relevant today. The opinions provided are meaningful and important to us.

We invite you to share your response to the question:

How do you think we should mark the anniversary of the Endeavour voyage, now and into the future?

Join the conversation

John Greenwell

31 Jan 2021

What a superb Exhibition. It wonderfully manages to convey the bewilderment of the Aborigines on the arrival of the Europeans and the equally difficult attempt by Cook and Banks to understand them and, if possible, to avoid violence


19 Oct 2020

With the understanding that what we were taught at school was only one very small part of the story and there is so much more to this story.

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Gallery responses

Within Endeavour Voyage visitors used paper and pencils to make thousands of immediate, anonymous responses to the exhibition’s themes.

We read every one of these responses and are digitising many for an archive. They are a powerful insight into our national consciousness during this anniversary year, and show us how perspectives are changing over time.

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