Discovering Ancient Egypt self-guided kids tour

Join guides Cleocatra the cat and Ahmose the ba bird as they sneak through the exhibition after closing time. Recommended for ages 6–12.

Ahmose and Cleo

Featuring objects chosen by our curators, voiced by Orwell and Winnie.

Ahmose and Cleo
A colourful, painted stela depicting the god Osiris and a man standing either side of an offering table.
Stela of Pamaaf
A long rectangular wooden game board, with engravings on the top and side.
Senet game and flute
A metal sistrum, with holes which once held long thin rods. Small metal cats decorate the top.
A mummified cat, with the distinct shape of the head and ears.
Mummified animals
A statue of a cast bronze cat on a small wooden plinth.
Animal gods
A model granary, with 7 carved figures standing in a small room.
Model granary and boat
A wooden carving of a green-skinned bird figure with a human head.
Ba birds
A darkly coloured coffin with detailed carving.
Panesy's coffin
A stone carved statue of a seated figure, missing its head and most of one arm and leg.
Statue of Tutankhamun
An incomplete ceramic oil lamp depicting a man fishing, with soot marks near the wick hole.
Oil lamp fragment