Discovering Ancient Egypt self-guided adults tour

Discover more about the exhibition’s most intriguing objects, as chosen by our curators, and presented by Egyptian–Australian actor Helana Sawires.

Detail of a mural featuring an Egyptian figure.
Helena Sawires
A stone block carved with hieroglyphs.
False door of Neferenkhufu
A papyrus scroll painted with hieroglyphs, gods, people, and offering tables.
Book of the Dead of Padikhonsu
A stone grey stela carved with figures, gods, and hieroglyphs.
Stela of Osiris, Isis and other gods
A mummified fish wrapped within a decorated wooden case. A section of the wooden case has been removed so that the wrapping beneath is visible.
Mummified animals
Detail of engraved ram's head in brown opaque stone
A detailed view of a carved wooden boat, showing a carved coffin and ox at the rear of the boat.
Model granary and boat
A colourful, painted stela depicting the god Osiris and a man standing either side of an offering table.
Stela of Pamaaf
A reddish stone stela carved with hieroglyphs and figures.
Sobekten's stela
A gold pectoral featuring a scarab beetle.
The front and back view of a coffin.
Haytemhat's coffin
A detailed view of the face of Khonsuhotep's coffin.
Khonsuhotep's coffin
A small blue faience sculpture of a person.
A coffin cover featuring a yellow, red and blue headdress
Hor's coffin
An upright oval ceramic jar, with a face shaped into the top half.
Slipper coffin
A tall square ceramic jar, colourfully painted with winged figures, and adorned with a bird figure on the lid of the jar.
Canopic chests
An upright figure wrapped in linen.
An upright figure wrapped in yellow coloured linen, with a beaded net over the torso.
A stone carved statue of a seated figure, missing its head and most of one arm and leg.
Statue of the Pharoah Tutankhamun
A cast depicting several figures interacting.
Cast of relief from the tomb of Horemheb
A stone figure wearing a kilt standing within a carved frame.
Stela of Pagerger