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Types of Ancestral Remains in the NMA Store by percentage of total holdings

These are arranged by the number of individuals they represent. An individual could be represented by anything from a full skeleton to a single bone. The percentages are indicative only and have been rounded up.

Post-cranial remains, not articulated (large) 46%
Post-cranial remains, not articulated (small) 20%
Casts 15.5%
Skull, cranium and calvarium 15%
Hair samples 2%
Skeleton, not articulated (complete or nearly complete) 1%
Skull, cranium, calvarium, mandible and some unarticulated post-cranial remains 1%
Mummified remains (head, individual limbs) 0.2%
DNA samples (related to individuals) 0.2%
Fluid preserved remains 0.2%
Skeleton, artificially articulated (complete or nearly complete) 0.1%
Mummified remains (complete or nearly complete) 0.1% (all are infants)
Commingled remains (small) 0.1%
Commingled remains (large) 0.1%
Unidentified skeletal elements 0.04%
Post-cranial remains, artificially articulated 0.04%
Objects incorporating Ancestral Remains 0.04%
Sorcery objects incorporating Ancestral Remains 0.04%
Burial packages 0%
Blood samples 0%
Histology slides 0%
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