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Collection API

We encourage the sharing and reuse of our collection information via our Collection Application Programming Interface (API). It has over 85,000 object records including around 20,000 images that are either in the Public Domain or available for use under a Creative Commons licence.

The data is not always perfect and there are gaps, but it is constantly being updated and improving over time.

You are free to use this API for non-commercial purposes under a CC-BY-NC licence.

We look forward to viewing your creations.

Try our Collection API

Trial our API using our API Explorer. This form-based interface allows you to easily generate searches and see the results on screen. No authentication is required when using API Explorer, but it is limited to one request per second.

User guide

Our Collection API is fully documented on Github

View documentation on GitHub

Register for an API key

In order to use the full functionality of the Collection API, you need to register for an API key. You will be given a code immediately, and can start using the API straight away.

Register for an API key

Feedback and inquiries

We welcome your feedback and questions. You can join our user forum on GitHub, or email

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