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The National Museum’s Public Affairs team assists the media with inquiries about the Museum, its collections and exhibitions, and helps connect media with our expert staff.

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National Museum of Australia
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Acton Peninsula, Canberra ACT 2601

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Diana Streak
0409 888 976

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Media releases

20 July 2004

Kerry Nettle faces thorny questions
Outspoken young Greens Senator Kerry Nettle will be quizzed about her long-term political intentions and the sustainability of the party’s environmental policies during a Talkback Classroom interview at the National Museum of Australia this Wednesday.

16 July 2004

Hip hop beat for new National Museum stories
The lives and places, slang and speech of young Australians will be captured using hip hop in a new storytelling venture by the National Museum of Australia.

02 July 2004

National Museum starts major changes
The National Museum of Australia is to change two of its five permanent exhibitions and refurbish all the galleries to improve the way stories are told and themes explored.

30 June 2004

Jimmy Little headlines NAIDOC Week at Museum
One of Australia’s newest National Living Treasures, Jimmy Little, will talk about his remarkable musical career - and his recent kidney transplant - to launch NAIDOC Week celebrations at the National Museum of Australia.

29 June 2004

National Museum embarks on Olympic Odyssey
A host of Australian Olympians, sports journalists and two Greek boys who grew up in Sydney are visiting the National Museum of Australia next month as a winter warmup for the Athens Olympic Games.

24 June 2004

Local cartoonist wins Canberra's approval
Canberra Times cartoonist Geoff Pryor has triumphed in his home town, winning the People’s Choice award in the last week of the National Museum of Australia’s Behind the Lines exhibition.

24 June 2004

Wentworth women capture riverine environment
A photographic exhibition by nine Wentworth women will be launched tomorrow in an ambitious new project to get Murray Darling Basin communities talking about their local environment and cultural heritage.

22 June 2004

Sunken Treasures reveal secrets of the deep
The secrets of a massive shipload of ceramics which lay at the bottom of the sea for 500 years are revealed in a new exhibition opening at the National Museum of Australia in August.

22 June 2004

Students quiz Lawrence on Labor's left
Australian Labor Party President Carmen Lawrence will be quizzed about factions, the left’s leadership record and new recruit Peter Garrett during a National Museum of Australia Talkback Classroom session on Thursday.

21 June 2004

Changing views of war and citizenship
The changing view of citizenship in times of war - the conflicting loyalties and internment of enemies - is being examined in a symposium at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra this week.

16 June 2004

Mummified thylacine has national message
A rare mummified thylacine head goes on show at the National Museum of Australia this Friday, reminding Australians about the animal’s former presence on the mainland.

07 June 2004

Rare FJ Holden finds a home in Canberra
A rare unrestored FJ Holden - which sat in a garage for years after its owner was startled by her first encounter with traffic lights - has been acquired by the National Museum of Australia.

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