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The National Museum’s Public Affairs team assists the media with inquiries about the Museum, its collections and exhibitions, and helps connect media with our expert staff.

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Media releases

27 November 2003

Outlaws take the stage for world first
The first major exhibition to investigate national outlaw legends Outlawed! The World’s Rebels, Revolutionaries and Bushrangers opens at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra today, presented by Lockwood.

25 November 2003

Students turn tables on Latham
Shadow Treasurer and tough talker Mark Latham faces hard questions himself tomorrow when students quiz him on tax breaks for upper-income Australians and mortgage subsidies for lower-income Australians during a National Museum of Australia Talkback Classroom session.

21 November 2003

Final outlaws in place for world first
Exotic objects telling the stories of outlaws from China and Japan will be installed at the National Museum in Canberra this Monday, four days out from the official opening of the new travelling exhibition, Outlawed!

17 November 2003

Native title: courts to canvas
The power of indigenous art as cultural evidence will be explored in a landmark forum being held at the National Museum of Australia next month.

06 November 2003

Three lost sons recalled on Armistice Day
The story of three brothers who all lost their lives in the Second World War has been introduced to the National Museum in Canberra, to mark Armistice Day this Tuesday, 11 November.

04 November 2003

Student hacks unravel the real Beazley
Labor leadership contender Kim Beazley will be quizzed about the direction of the Australian Labor Party during a student interview at the National Museum of Australia tomorrow.

29 October 2003

Writer tells tales of heroic Aussie women
Distinguished writer and art historian Susanna de Vries will chart the heroic contributions of three relatively unknown Australian women at a free public lecture at the National Museum this weekend.

28 October 2003

Museum stops (early) for Melbourne Cup
A hot tip for those who want to know more about the Melbourne Cup is a seminar this week at the National Museum of Australia at which leading historians and curators will focus on the Cup’s social and cultural history.

23 October 2003

Children's writer Gleitzman visits Museum
Morris Gleitzman, who has won the hearts of Australian young readers with his witty and often-irreverent tales, will make two appearances this week at the National Museum as part of its celebration of Children’s Week.

20 October 2003

Deputy PM grilled on Murray-Darling
Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson will be questioned how landmark decisions on water allocation will affect school students in years to come during a Talkback Classroom interview at the National Museum of Australia tomorrow.

17 October 2003

Museum launches It's Alive! children's book
The National Museum of Australia a place that makes history come alive has inspired some of Australia's best known children's writers and illustrators to create an anthology to be launched during Children's Week on Monday.

16 October 2003

Wild West and Warner Bros ride into town
The largest overseas shipment of outlaw-related objects for the National Museum’s new Outlawed! exhibition including fragments from Jessie James’ coffin and Kevin Costner’s costume in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves arrives in Canberra tomorrow.

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