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8 April 2018

Boots from iconic film showcase Australian movie industry

A pair of iconic maroon leather Doc Martens boots worn by Russell Crowe in the 1992 Australian film classic Romper Stomper has been purchased by the National Museum of Australia in Canberra, following a public auction of the actor’s movie, sports and art collection.

The win at the Sotheby’s The Art of Divorce auction on the weekend also included the costume worn by Russell Crowe in the 1993 film The Silver Brumby, directed by John Tatoulis and based on The Silver Brumby novel series by Elyne Mitchell.

A pair of maroon leather Doc Martens boots, worn by Russell Crowe as the character, ‘Hando’, in the film, Romper Stomper (1992). Courtesy Sotheby’s Australia
A pair of Doc Martens boots and a full length leather coat, worn by Russell Crowe as the character ‘The Man’, in the film, The Silver Brumby (1994). Courtesy Sotheby’s Australia

The acquisitions deepen the institution’s collection of Australian film memorabilia and National Museum director Dr Mathew Trinca said he was thrilled to acquire the objects, which will help tell the story of the national film industry.

‘These objects highlight the success and depth of the national film industry and allow us to explore and celebrate that story, on behalf of all Australians,’ said Dr Trinca.

While born in New Zealand, Russell Crowe has lived most of his life in Australia and is considered one of Australia’s greatest living actors.

Crowe wore the iconic 12-hole combat style Doc Martens boots while playing the lead character ‘Hando’ in Romper Stomper, which was a violent exploration of racial tensions in 1990s Melbourne.

Romper Stomper received critical acclaim and was nominated for nine Australian Film Institute Awards. It won Best Achievement in Sound, Best Actor in a Lead Role and Best Original Music Score.

Crowe played an Australian settler in The Silver Brumby, which explored the Australian landscape and human interaction within it.

The National Museum’s collection already includes copies of Elyne Mitchell’s The Silver Brumby series and a typewriter used by the author.

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