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Partner organisations

The Museum has established partnerships with nine organisations along the east coast of Australia to support community-led projects that strengthen cultural practice.

A graphic map showing the names of the National Museum of Australia's Cultural Program Partners and their locations on the east coast of Australia.

Why these places?

The funding for Cultural Connections has been made available as part of the Australian Government’s commemorative measures, and the implementation of the initiative constitutes a key component of the Museum’s 2020 activities. As such, Cultural Connections Program partner organisations operate in locations along the east coast of Australia that were key sites of encounter during the Endeavour’s voyage.

In contrast, the Encounters Fellowships program is open nationally.

Meet our Cultural Connections partner organisations

Why these particular organisations?

Before we began community engagement and consultation in each of the locations, the Cultural Connections team carried out background research into cultural landscapes, contact histories, cultural leaders and key stakeholders in each region.

Following research, the team engaged and consulted with community members and other key stakeholders in each location. In seeking to form partnerships, the Cultural Connections Program looked to organisations that demonstrated a commitment to:

  • ensuring an inclusive approach to engagement
  • maximising professional development and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • working collaboratively with other local stakeholders across their regions
  • applying the highest standards for all participants in their project activity.

Banner photo: Steve Back Photography

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