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  • Open 9am–5pm
  • Free general admission

Culture Loop: a new way to experience one good thing after another in the nation’s capital.

Now you can park once and ride all day on our free shuttle that will transport you on a convenient loop from easy parking bays to some of Canberra’s most loved cultural attractions and places of interest.

Bus stops and timetable

Board at any of the conveniently located stops to enjoy the free shuttle service seven days a week from 9am to 5pm. Park once and ride the shuttle to your favourite venues and experience an array of exhibitions, galleries, collections, stories and events.

Canberra Museum and Gallery Canberra CentreNewActon National Museum of Australia National Film and Sound Archive Regatta Point National Library of Australia and Questacon Museum of Australian Democracy Australian Parliament House Canberra Museum and Gallery
9am 9.05am 9.10am 9.15am 9.20am 9.25am 9.30am 9.35am 9.40am 9.45am
10am 10.05am 10.10am 10.15am 10.20am 10.25am 10.30am 10.35am 10.40am 10.45am
11am 11.05am 11.10am 11.15am 11.20am 11.25am 11.30am 11.35am 11.40am 11.45am
12pm 12.05pm 12.10pm 12.15pm 12.20pm 12.25pm 12.30pm 12.35pm 12.40pm 12.45pm
1pm 1.05pm 1.10pm 1.15pm 1.20pm 1.25pm 1.30pm 1.35pm 1.40pm 1.45pm
2pm 2.05pm 2.10pm 2.15pm 2.20pm 2.25pm 2.30pm 2.35pm 2.40pm 2.45pm
3pm 3.05pm 3.10pm 3.15pm 3.20pm 3.25pm 3.30pm 3.35pm 3.40pm 3.45pm
4pm 4.05pm 4.10pm 4.15pm 4.20pm 4.25pm 4.30pm 4.35pm 4.40pm 4.45pm

Attractions and places of interest

  1. Canberra Centre, Cooyong Street, Canberra City (near Target), 6247 5611
  2. NewActon, Edinburgh Avenue, Canberra, 6171 8400
  3. National Museum Of Australia, Lawson Crescent, Acton Peninsula, 6208 5000
  4. National Film And Sound Archive, McCoy Circuit, Acton, 6248 2000
  5. National Capital Exhibition, Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park, 6272 2902 and Canberra And Region Visitors Centre, Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park, 1300 554 114
  6. National Library Of Australia, 20 Parkes Place, Parkes, 6262 1111 and Questacon, King Edward Terrace, Parkes, 6270 2800
  7. Museum Of Australian Democracy, 18 King George Terrace, Parkes, 6270 8222
  8. Australian Parliament House, Federation Mall, Capital Hill, 6277 5399
  9. Canberra Museum And Gallery, 176 London Circuit, Canberra City, 6207 3968

A block of logos featuring several Canberra cultural institutions, National Capital Authority, Department of Innovation and Science, Australian Parliament House and Canberra Centre.

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