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Create your own woven fish inspired by the exhibition Lag Meta Aus: Home in the Torres Strait, previously on show at the National Museum of Australia from 2014 to 2019.

How to make your own woven fish

Make a woven fish 2:14

Transcript — steps

  • Take two strips of contrasting paper.
  • Take one strip and wrap around two fingers twice.
  • Flip hand over.
  • Take the other strip and weave under the end closest to your fingertips.
  • Flip hand back over.
  • Bring the back strip around and weave under the end closest to your fingertips.
  • It may be easier now to take out one finger.
  • Bring back strip around to front and weave over then under.
  • Flip once more.
  • Take the other end and weave over and under again.
  • Tighten up.
  • Trim fins and tail.

And now you’ve made your woven fish!

Share your creation

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