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The National Museum of Australia's online partnership with Google Australia brings the Museum's objects and galleries to the world on Google Arts & Culture.

Explore our Google exhibits

Sport in Australia Explore the rich history of Australia’s sporting culture and heritage at Google's Great Sporting Land online project.
Convict love tokens See highlights from the Museum’s collection of convict love tokens — rare convict mementos engaved with messages of affection for loved ones.
A Different Time Discover photographer and explorer Herbert Basedow’s poignant images of frontier life in Australia in the early 20th century.

Working with Google

The National Museum's Google Arts & Culture presence includes the interactive sport, convict love token and A Different Time collections.

It also includes virtual tours of our front and back exterior spaces and the interior of the Landmarks gallery. There have been many changes since the Google Street View capture in 2015. We're planning a recapture of the exterior soon.

Take a Google virtual tour

Take a virtual walk-through and explore selected objects in detail in this immersive snapshot of the Museum's galleries and exhibition spaces.

Institutional lenders

The National Museum of Australia gratefully acknowledges the support provided by many private and institutional lenders to the Museum’s permanent gallery displays.

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