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Large circular entrance to a gallery space. - click to view larger image

For visitors, opening day of a new exhibition is exciting, but for Museum staff it can also bring a welcome sigh of relief as a project they have been working on for months, or years, is finally released to the world.

For curators, conservators and producers it’s the months leading up to an opening that are often the most exciting, as well as the most stressful. Those months before the big reveal are full of trials and testing. All the ideas they have been planning and building towards start to take shape.

So let's look at how the new Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre is shaping up in the weeks leading up to its grand opening in 2022. For over four years now we've been working towards creating this wonderful children’s space.

The Discovery Centre will feature over 100 objects from the National Historical Collection that relate to the themes of creativity, change and collecting. We hope they will spark conversations between generations that will help keep history alive.

We are so excited to open the new Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre and hope to see you there in 2022.

In our collection

Ghost net barramundi, by Florence Mable GutchenA round sculpture of a fish made from ghost nets (nylon monofilament fishing lines) with a large mouth. The fish is dark and light blue, turquoise, charcoal, orange, green and yellow in colour with a yellow and orange frame. Attached to the left front side of the fish is a round, coiled green fish net with bits of orange through...
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