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Behind the Lines: The Year’s Best Cartoons 2009 challenges the viewer to reflect on some of the major controversies of the last 12 months.

Behind the Lines 2009 was on show at the National Museum of Australia from 8 December 2009 to 31 January 2010 and the State Library of Queensland from 11 December 2010 to 3 April 2011.

Introduction to 2009 cartoons

A reflection on 2009 as seen through the cartoons included in Behind the Lines.

Introduction to 2009 cartoons

Explore 2009 cartoons

Black Saturday Discover how cartoonists responded to the devastating bush fires.
Fighting recession Explore cartoons related to the Global Financial Crisis and potential recession.
News of the day See which political events provided inspiration for artist's pens in 2009.
Living with the dragon View cartoons related to Australia's relationship with China.
Leaders Explore how political leaders provide raw material for cartoonists to work with.
Life in opposition Discover how the challenges of the Liberal Party in 2009 were portrayed.
Carbon trading Discover how cartoonists illustrated the Emissions Trading Scheme debate.

Text only version

View an accessible, text-only page that brings together the ‘alt’ tags descriptions of each cartoon.

Text only version
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