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25 May 2004

The man behind more than 20 years of political cartoons in the Canberra Times, Geoff Pryor, is under the spotlight himself when he fronts Talkback Classroom this Thursday at the National Museum of Australia.

A panel of three nationally selected high school students will question Pryor on the impact political cartoons have on voters, accountability in cartooning, and what the 'cartooned' think of the cartoonists.

The interview follows last Friday's launch of Behind the Lines at the National Museum, which showcases more than 100 of the year's best political cartoons, including several examples of Pryor's work.

The senior students to interview Geoff Pryor in the National Museum Studio are:

Verity Doyle, Stuartholme School, Toowong, Qld;
Chris Moore, Caringbah Selective High School, Sydney;
Celia Tier, Presbyterian Ladies' College, Armidale, NSW.

WHAT: Talkback Classroom with Geoff Pryor

WHEN: 10.30am, Thursday, 27 May

WHERE: Studio, National Museum, Acton Peninsula

Talkback Classroom gives students access to key politicians and public figures as part of the national civics curriculum. Other guests this year include Labor Party president Carmen Lawrence and Governor-General Michael Jeffrey.

Student preparation for Thursday's session, organised by the Parliamentary Education Office, included discussions with other cartoonists, such as The Australian's Bill Leak, and with their local politicians. The students will also visit the Behind the Lines exhibition.

The Geoff Pryor interview will be edited and broadcast on ABC Radio National's Life Matters program on Monday, 7 June from 9.15am.

Talkback Classroom can also be seen on the SBS TV program, School Torque.

For more information please contact Public Affairs Director Martin Portus on 02 6208 5351, 0409 916 481 or email

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