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29 March 2004

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Larry Anthony goes head to head with three of his young charges in a Talkback Classroom interview this Wednesday at the National Museum of Australia.

Mr Anthony the first of this year's Talkback Classroom guests will be grilled on teenage pregnancy and abortion, youth wages, mental health and the need for more youth representation in government.

The students set to quiz Mr Anthony are: Alyx Gorman from Canberra High School; Alex Frain from Launceston Church Grammar School; and Luke Bosher from Melbourne High School.

WHAT: Talkback Classroom with Larry Anthony

WHEN: 10.30am, Wednesday, 31 March

WHERE: Studio, National Museum, Acton Peninsula

Talkback Classroom gives students access to key politicians and public figures as part of the national civics curriculum. Other guests this year include Labor Party president Carmen Lawrence, Senator Aden Ridgeway, Canberra Times cartoonist Geoff Pryor and Governor-General Michael Jeffrey.

A special international Talkback Classroom session is being held on 22 April when United Nations Civil Society Service Chief Ramu Damoradan will be jointly quizzed with American students via a video link to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.

Student preparation for Wednesday's interview included meetings with ministerial advisers, parliamentarians, visiting experts and other members of the media, organised by the Parliamentary Education Office.

The Larry Anthony interview will be edited and broadcast on Radio National's Life Matters program on Monday, 5 April after 9am.

For more information please contact Public Affairs Director Martin Portus on 02 6208 5351, 0409 916 481 or email

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