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23 June 2003

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown will be quizzed tomorrow by three senior high school students in a Talkback Classroom interview at the National Museum of Australia.

Senator Brown will be questioned about forestry management, the viability of alternative energy supplies and what the Greens have to offer young people especially if proposed constitutional changes alter the Senate balance of power.

Talkback Classroom gives students from across Australia access to key politicians and public figures as part of the national civics curriculum.

The student panel includes Aalia Stahlwebb from Braidwood Central School and Felix Lawrence from Canberra Grammar School, who believes nuclear power is a viable energy source.

Hannah Routledge from Beechworth Secondary College in Victoria, is a self-confessed Bob Brown fan, who comes from a farming community where the Greens are unpopular after recent bushfires.

WHEN: 10.30am, Tuesday, 24 June 2003

WHERE: Broadcast Studio, National Museum of Australia, Acton Peninsula, ACT

The students are today preparing for the interview by meeting ministerial advisers, opposition spokespeople, visiting experts and members of the media, organised by the Parliamentary Education Office.

Schools are encouraged to use Talkback Classroom as a model for social inquiry, investigating topical issues through the media as part of the national civics curriculum. See:

Talkback Classroom has been broadcast nationally on ABC Fly TV, Triple J and Radio National.

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