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14 July 2003

The report of a major review into the exhibitions and public programs of the National Museum of Australia will be made public tomorrow morning.

The Museum's Chairman, Tony Staley, said the report will be presented at a special meeting of the Museum's Council tomorrow.

The report will available immediately at 10am (EST) Tuesday, July 15 on the Museum's web site:

'We are pleased that the Review Committee, headed by John Carroll, has completed its report expeditiously. The Council will consider its recommendations, and will discuss them again at our next meeting in September,' Mr Staley said.

Mr Staley announced the review by a four-person panel and its terms of reference early in 2003.

The Review Committee is chaired by Dr John Carroll, Reader in Sociology at La Trobe University, Melbourne, and its other members are:

  • Mr Richard Longes, Director, Investec Australia Ltd Investment Bank;
  • Dr Philip Jones, Senior Curator of Anthropology at the South Australian Museum; and
  • Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich, Professor of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Director of the Monash Science Centre, Monash University, Melbourne.

The Review Committee was asked to examine the aims and content of the Museum's exhibitions and public and schools programs, evaluate the Museum's progress so far and propose priorities for future development of exhibitions and programs.

The Committee called for public submissions and held meetings with academics, museum specialists, heads of related institutions and experts in a variety of relevant disciplines to discuss exhibitions and programs and to identify issues that should shape the Museum's future direction.

The National Museum, exploring the themes of Australia's Land, Nation and People, was opened by Prime Minister John Howard on March 11, 2001.

To arrange interviews with Dr Carroll or Mr Staley or to obtain hard copies of the report, please contact Martin Portus, National Museum of Australia on (02) 6208 5351 or 0409 916 481 or email

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