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George Serras has made an exceptional contribution to the service and professional practice of the National Museum of Australia over the course of two decades.

George was already an experienced photographer when he joined the staff of the Museum in 1999 during the institution's formative years. He subsequently progressed to the role of Senior Photographer and has led the photographic unit of the organisation from that time.

George has contributed extensively to the success of the Museum's program and operations through his creativity, high performance and technical expertise. His work is integral to exhibitions and displays and is pivotal in the ongoing work to digitise and increase public access to the National Historical Collection. He has also contributed to the culture of the organisation through his role as Workplace Support Officer, his active involvement in the development of the Museum's Reconciliation Action Plan, and his volunteering for a range of related charitable causes.

While George's skills have benefited individuals and communities in Australia, he has also given of his own time to contribute internationally to the Museum sector and associated interests. His international standing is demonstrated in his invitation in 2010 to establish a digitisation program for the Luang Prabang National Museum in Laos, where he volunteered for two months.

In his work George has also chronicled the history of the Museum itself – its exhibitions, events, VIP visits and celebrations, and the experiences of the Museum 'family'. George's passion for his work and positive attitude are great assets, and his insistence on the highest standards in his work are inspirational to his peers and colleagues.

The Director's Award for Excellence recognises the quality of professional practice and achievement over the course of a career. George's work has been fundamental in bringing to life the Museum's collection and enabling access for the public, nationally and internationally. This award celebrates the exemplary contribution of George Serras to the life of the National Museum of Australia.

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