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Community standards

The National Museum of Australia has a range of social media platforms and blogs, which encourage contributions and discussions with our audience.

Please be aware that the Museum's social media channels may include or use names, images and voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

When participating in these spaces we ask our audiences to follow these community standards:

  • We welcome debate and robust discussions, as well as criticism and feedback. Respect the opinions and beliefs of others, maintain a measured tone and seek to add value to the discussion.
  • We will remove content that is abusive, obscene, discriminatory, disrespectful, inflammatory or offensive.
  • We will remove content that is off-topic, spam or is repetitive posting.
  • We will remove misinformation or misleading information.
  • We will also remove content that is defamatory, breaches copyright, confidentiality and/or moral rights laws.
  • We will not tolerate personal attacks, trolling or abuse.
  • It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re not breaching the privacy or copyright of another individual or group, and that you have received their consent to share content, images and information about them.
  • Any contribution made by a child must be supervised by an adult and, where appropriate, you must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian of a child whose information has been included in your contribution.
  • Although we strive for accuracy and consistency, we are human and occasionally make mistakes. Kindly let us know if we’ve got something wrong – we’ll work quickly to check our facts and correct any errors.

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