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'So That You Might Know Each Other': Faith and Culture in Islam

'So That You Might Know Each Other'

Collections from the Vatican Anima Mundi Museum, the Sharjah Museums Authority and the National Museum of Australia

This exhibition was a celebration of Muslim people across the world, their daily lives, traditions and spirituality. It featured objects including musical instruments, armour, precious manuscripts, ceramics and jewellery. It was on show at the National Museum of Australia from 20 April to 22 July 2018.

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An embroidered jacket

Taqsireh (lady’s festive jacket), Palestine, late 19th or early 20th century, inv.112314. Photo © Vatican Museums

Exhibition highlights

  • An overcoat made from tapestry-woven wool, silk and metal thread brocading
    Meshla (overcoat), Syria
  • A round metal shield with silver and brass inlay
    Bidri shield with Farsi poem, India
  • A camel saddle made from wood, cut metal, leather and natural pigments
    Camel saddle, Niger
  • Armour and helmet
    Kurab-a-kulang marano (Moro war armour) and helmet, Philippines
  • Sword with scabbard
    Sword with scabbard, Indonesia
  • A lute made from wood and animal fibres
    Gimbri or lotar (lute), Morocco
  • Cloisonné vase with Islamic inscriptions
    Cloisonné vase with Islamic inscriptions, China
  • A saddle and saddlecloth with harness straps made from wood, leather, felted wool, wool embroidery
    Saddle and saddlecloth with harness straps, North Africa
  • An embroidered textile hanging made from cotton, multicoloured silk thread with silk edging
    Suzani (embroidered textile hanging), Uzbekistan
  • A chest made from hardwood and copper alloy
    Bishtakhta (pearl merchant’s chest), Sharjah
  • An ornate book made from paper, black ink, pigments, gilding, pasteboard and leather
    Illuminated Qur’an manuscript, Turkey
  • Varnished table with geometric and arabesque decoration. Made from wood and metal.
    Table with geometric and arabesque decoration, Morocco
  • A wall hanging made of silk, gilt and silver thread
    Sitara (hanging) for the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad, Madinah
  • Bark painting depicting Makasar people boiling trepang
    Bark painting, Australia
  • A sketch of an old man wearing a turban
    Sketch on paper, Australia

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