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Personal stories, 4 October 2011

Tell us your story

Visitors to Not Just Ned: A true history of the Irish in Australia told their own Irish stories. Watch what they had to say.

Seeking relatives

A letter written in 1903 started a search for lost relatives.

Post World War I

Moving to Australia where the flowers have no scent and the birds have no song.

Brown dress

My mother sent her brown dress back to her sister in Ireland.

McSherry or McSharry

My ancestors came to Australia with different names.

Prize Fighter

My grandfather didn't just fight in the ring.


What makes up your irish ancestry?

Blood relatives

Born out of wedlock

Irish and German descent

I come from a mixture of cultures.

Bushranger family

Ann Clarke was the sister of the famous bushranger gang,
The Clarke Brothers from Braidwood.

James McMahon

Phoebe McMahon

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