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  • Free general admission
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Inside the Museum

There are people throughout the Museum who can help you.

Museum hosts

You will see hosts all around the Museum. They will all be wearing the same uniform. Our hosts are friendly and ready to assist you. They can:

  • help you find your way
  • give you information about displays
  • answer your questions.

Museum security

You will also see security staff throughout the building. You can ask security staff for help if:

  • you need first aid
  • you are hurt or feeling sick
  • you are lost
  • you have lost something
  • you can’t find someone
  • you feel unsafe.
A female staff member in a black uniform is standing at an information desk in a large foyer. - click to view larger image


A male staff member wearing a uniform with a Wilson Security logo is smiling for the camera. - click to view larger image

Museum security


The Museum has two kinds of galleries: permanent galleries, where exhibitions are on display for a long time, and temporary galleries, where exhibitions change regularly. The entrance to the permanent galleries looks like this:

Glass sliding door entrance to a Galleries section.


The permanent galleries you can visit are:

The Museum has three temporary galleries:

  • Temporary gallery (a large gallery that is accessed from the Gandel Atrium)
  • Studio gallery (a small gallery that is accessed from the Gandel Atrium)
  • Focus gallery (a small gallery located within the First Australians gallery).

For information on temporary exhibitions, visit

When you are in the galleries, you can:

  • talk in a quiet voice
  • look at the displays
  • touch interactive displays.

You cannot:

  • have food or drink
  • carry large bags or umbrellas.


Many of our exhibitions are free, but costs apply for some temporary exhibitions. Concessions are available for:

  • seniors cardholders (all states and territories)
  • international visitors over 60 years old
  • international student cardholders
  • Australian student cardholders
  • Centrelink Health Care Card holders
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card holders
  • Australian Veteran Gold Card holders.



Unisex accessible toilets, baby change tables and ambulant toilets are available on all levels of the Museum.

The Museum has the ACT’s first Changing Places change room, with a fully accessible public toilet, adult change table and hoist. It is located on the lower ground floor, near Kspace.

Door with a ‘Changing Places’ sign and a button operated unit for access on the wall. - click to view larger image

Changing Places change room

Public toilet facilities with specialised equipment including an adult changing table. - click to view larger image

Change room facilities

Faith and Quiet Room

The Museum has a Faith and Quiet Room. You can use it for:

  • prayer
  • timeout.

It is located on the first floor, above the entrance to the First Australians gallery.

Entrance to a room with a sign that reads 'Faith and Quiet Room'. - click to view larger image

Faith and Quiet Room

 Room interior featuring a chair, prayer rugs, storage space and reading material. - click to view larger image

Prayer or time out


Lift access is available for all levels of the Museum.


For a map of the Museum and more information on accessibility, visit

The Museum Cafe

The Museum Cafe can be accessed from the Gandel Atrium. If it is too noisy, you can sit outside or order your food to take away. For more information, including a menu, visit

Entrance to a cafe through a large foyer. - click to view larger image

The Museum Cafe

Patrons sitting leisurely at tables in a large cafe with a contemporary uniquely-designed interior. - click to view larger image

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea

The Museum Shop

The Museum Shop is located in the Gandel Atrium. For more information, visit

Gift store shop front inside a large atrium.

The Museum Shop

Friends Lounge

The Friends Lounge is a quiet place for Museum Friends to relax. You can become a member online at

Visitors relaxing with reading material in a members lounge. - click to view larger image

A place to relax

A carer and child sitting at a table with LEGO. - click to view larger image

Join Mkids

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