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Arriving at the Museum

When you arrive by car, you will see a sign for the National Museum of Australia. The lower half of the sign will often display details of a current exhibition.

Entrance to the National Museum of Australia carpark with a large sign on the left advertising a major exhibition.


Drive past the sign, then turn LEFT into the car park.

View of a large car park surrounded by trees.

Car park

If you park in the car park Monday to Friday, you will need to buy a ticket. The ticket machines look like this.

You can purchase a ticket from one of these machines or pay for your parking through a mobile app. There are instructions on the machines. Visit for current parking rates and to download the parking app.

Composite of an image of a pay parking ticket machine on the left and an image of a woman operating the machine on the right.

Ticket machine

Accessible parking

Accessible parking spaces are available at the end of the car park closest to the main entrance. Visitors who have a disability parking permit can park in these spaces for free.

Car park with disabled parking spaces.

Accessible parking

Other ways to get to the Museum

You can also walk, ride a bicycle or catch a bus to the Museum. For more information, visit

Entering the Museum

To get from the car park to the main entrance, you will go through the Christina and Trevor Kennedy Garden. You can find more information about the Kennedy Garden at

Landscaped gardens and paved walkways leading up to a modern building with sculptural architectural features.

Christina and Trevor Kennedy Garden

The main entrance looks like this. The large sign above the door will tell you about a current exhibition.

Two visitors walking through a large entrance with a promotional banner for the Endeavour Voyage exhibition above.

Main entrance

Gandel Atrium

When you enter through the main doors, you will come into the Gandel Atrium. It looks like this.

Visitors in a large atrium viewing the museum objects on display.

Gandel Atrium

Information Desk

The Information Desk is located in the Gandel Atrium. There will be hosts here to assist you.

At the Information Desk,  you can:

  • get information, including maps and timetables
  • buy tickets for exhibitions, tours and other experiences
  • leave your bag, umbrella or jacket
  • ask for help.
Visitors and a staff member at an information desk framed by a large bay window. - click to view larger image

Information Desk

A visitor is chatting to a staff member at an information desk. - click to view larger image

Hosts are here to assist you

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