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What does feminine power mean to you?

Year levels


Group size

Up to 60 students


$15 per student


Mondays and Fridays, 10am, 12pm or by alternative arrangement, until 25 Aug 2023

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Journey across cultures and through the ages to encounter the many faces of feminine power.

Explore the universal themes of creation, passion, war, justice and mercy in the exhibition Feared and Revered: Feminine Power through the Ages. Consider the intercultural connection of female spiritual beings from around the world through sculptures, sacred artefacts and contemporary artworks.


  • Facilitate student reflection on and comparisons of ideas about feminine power across world faiths and cultures.
  • Give students the opportunity to explore ancient sculptures, artefacts and artworks featuring female spiritual beings from around the world.
  • Ask for connections between ancient and modern cross-cultural ideas about gender identity and gender relations.
  • Invite critical consideration of ideas in relation to students' own ideas of feminine power, gender identity and gender relations.
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