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Lammermoor station

Encounters. Indigenous contact and culture: a classroom resource

Caution: This website includes images and names of deceased people that may cause distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Yirandali country

Lammermoor station, Queensland

Yirandali country in central north Queensland attracted pastoralists keen to exploit the grassy plains. Explore how Yirandali people, including Dalleburra elder Ko-Bro, and pastoralists interacted, and how people today reflect on those times.

  • A map of Australia showing location of Lammermoor station, Queensland.
    Lammermoor station, Queensland
  • Landscape image of grassy plains with trees and a blue sky in the distance.
    Setting the scene
  • An old sepia photo of a group of men, women and children.
    Dalleburra people
  • Message stick made of wood (pine), charcoal, emu (fat).
    Message stick
  • A circular metal pendant with green coloured t-shapes coiled with copper wire radiating from the centre, on a metal chain.
    Just Want to Look Good necklace


Who's who?

What do you know about Lammermoor station?

Video story

Learn about making a greenhide rope

Watch this video where Yirandali man Fred Hill talks about growing up on stations in western Queensland.

Activity: Have a classroom discussion about what age children left school? Why did they leave school? What did they do when they left? Interview a grandparent or older friend about their school experience. What age did they leave? What hopes and expectations did they have? What did they end up doing?

More activities

Message stick

Activity: Yirandali people used message sticks as a way to communicate. Create a poster, or plan a classroom presentation, on how communication devices have changed over the past few hundred years.

Yirandali and Lammermoor station

Activity: Robert Christison allowed Yirandali people to camp on Lammermoor station, whereas other station owners refused entry to local Aboriginal people. Carefully read the information above then discuss what kind of relationship Christison had with the Yirandali people.

Just Want to Look Good necklace

Activity: Malcolm ‘Mickie’ Smith makes jewellery out of old computers. Design and make your own jewellery, using something that has been discarded.

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