Women typists working in an office, 1953

A black and white photograph of eight young women sitting at individual desks working on tabulating machines and typewriters. There are sheets of paper on each desk. The women are dressed identically in short-sleeved uniform dresses. They are seated in three rows with two in the left row working on tabulating machines, and three in both the centre and right hand rows working on typewriters. On the left is a partitioning half-wall that has frosted glass sections on top. There is a door in the partition that is closed. Built-in cupboards line the back wall and there is a telephone in the back right hand corner on top of the cupboard. Light is entering the room from three large windows. There is a fluorescent light above the women that is off, and part of another light, which is switched on, is visible on the left beyond the partition.
Source: State Library of Western Australia (236835PD).

National Museum of Australia

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