Advertisement for Remington typewriters

A black cartoon and text on pale coloured paper. A large typewriter sits in the middle of the drawing surrounded by eight animals, including what appear to be bears, foxes and a porcupine. Some are dressed in human clothing and some not. A bear dressed in a tailcoat, peaked cap and shoes is typing while other animals look on. Another bear behind the typewriter is holding the paper as it feeds through the typewriter platen. The typewritten text on the sheet of paper reads: 'Used by governments, corporations, firms and individuals throughout the world'. Two animals on the right are reading from another sheet of paper with the headline 'A superior machine'.  Text in top left corner reads 'Remington Standard Type-Writer'. Text at bottom just right of centre reads 'Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, New-York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis'.
Courtesy of the Early Office Museum

National Museum of Australia

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