Combination fishing/picnic, Shark Bay, Western Australia, 1974

A colour photograph of a man, two women and a dog sitting on a rocky surface with an expanse of water in front of them. Their backs are to the camera. The man on the left is looking sideways at the woman to his right. He is wearing a tee shirt and jeans. A small dog is partially visible on the man's right. The woman in the centre is sitting on a folded-up blanket and is looking down in front of her. She is wearing a short-sleeved dress. There is an open cardboard box beside her on her right. The woman on the right is sitting on a folded blanket and is turning towards her left and looking downward. She is wearing shorts and a halter-neck top. Various items are visible in the foreground including two cardigans, a soft drink can, an open yellow fishing tackle box, a white plastic bottle and two small fish.
Source: Phil Schubert.

National Museum of Australia

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