3-generation family picnic, c1970s

A diptych of two colour photographs mounted side by side. In the narrower left image a young man sits on the bench seat of a picnic table. Beside him, closer to the camera, a young child sits on a small suitcase on the seat. The man has his right arm around the child. They are side-on and both look to their right toward the camera. The man is wearing a tee shirt and shorts. The child is unclothed except for a nappy and bib. Part of a tree is visible in the background. A tablecloth and items of picnic ware are on the table. In the wider image on the right an man and woman sit on the left side of a picnic table, both leaning forward with their elbows on the table. The woman is wearing a sleeveless tee shirt and the man a short-sleeved shirt. On the right a young child is standing on a small suitcase on the bench seat of the picnic table. A young woman is standing behind the child, loosely holding it against her chest with her right arm. The young woman is wearing a short-sleeved blouse and shorts. The baby is unclothed except for a nappy and bib. All four are looking at the camera. A tablecloth and items of picnic ware are on the table. Two unoccupied picnic tables are in the background and trees and bushy shrubs can be seen beyond the cleared ground containing the picnic tables.
Source: cacaye.

National Museum of Australia

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