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Australia Post has been part of the fabric of Australian society since 1809, when the First Postmaster was appointed in Sydney.

Since these early beginnings Australia Post has consistently helped move our stories along, and kept us connected across the vast distances of our wide continent.

Today Australia Post helps Australians stay in touch with families internationally, and enables Australian businesses to forge new trade links in countries all over the globe through their international services.

When the Museum began planning a tour of China for its landmark exhibition — Old Masters: Australia’s great bark artists — Australia Post was an obvious choice for a major partnership.

With over 2000 works of art on bark, the National Museum holds the world’s largest and richest collection of bark paintings. Old Masters features 123 bark paintings, 18 carvings, 10 painting tools and three log coffins. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have inhabited the Australian continent for at least 65,000 years and their rich and diverse culture is reflected in the barks’ intricate designs.

Through Australia Post’s support, the National Museum of Australia has been able to share these great Australian cultural treasures with its near neighbours in China. This relationship has helped the Museum contribute to important cultural exchange between China and Australia and builds on the strong international interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate said Australia Post is delighted to be the major partner of Old Masters: ‘This partnership illustrates our commitment to share Australia’s culture and its stories with our Asian neighbours.’

The partnership between the National Museum of Australia and Australia Post demonstrates best practice in cultural corporate partnerships. Through this relationship, Australia Post has been able to reach large audiences in China, raise its brand profile and contribute to a hugely important cultural dialogue.

In April 2019 the Museum opened The Historical Expression of Chinese Art: Calligraphy and Painting from the National Museum of China. This exhibition features treasures from the National Museum of China’s unrivalled collection which has never before been shown in Australia. It is hoped that the exhibition will encourage Australian audiences to become acquainted with Chinese calligraphy and the painting, their unique qualities, and the scholarship involved in their practice.

Australia Post is a Major Partner of The Historical Expression of Chinese Art in Australia, once again demonstrating its commitment to the importance of cultural exchange.

Thank you Australia Post, from all of us here at the Museum.

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