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Thank you to all our donors who helped us reach our fundraising target. The Defining Symbols of Australia Appeal is now closed. The Defining Symbols of Australia touring exhibition launched in 2021.

Community through outreach

Defining Symbols of Australia is a travelling exhibition from the National Museum that explores our affinity to iconic Australian symbols such as Uluru, the national flag and wattle. The exhibition is based on our 2009 show Symbols of Australia which also toured across the country.

The Museum will travel exhibition panels depicting each symbol. Venues will then look to their own collections to add objects and works of art that explore how these symbols relate to their local community. In this way the new exhibition will be a collaborative venture between the Museum and the regional venue.

Fundraising target reached

Your generous donations enabled us to:

  • Support regional museums and galleries by providing a core exhibition from which they can create a bespoke show to reflect their own community.
  • Enable Museum curators to visit and work alongside regional counterparts to create and install the exhibition.

In 2009 the Museum's Symbols of Australia toured the nation and encouraged visitors to explore the diversity of Australian symbology: the official and the popular, the organic and the imposed, the natural and the man-made, the old and the new.

More than a decade later Defining Symbols of Australia builds on the original iteration by looking at how Australian symbolism and our perceptions have changed. How do we read to the symbols today? What might we choose as an alternative? How important are these symbols to our national Identify?

Thank you

We would like to thank and acknowledge our donors to the Defining Symbols of Australia Appeal, including those who would like to remain anonymous.

Donors $1,000–$9,999

Margaret Anderson
Ailsa George

Suzanne Maple-Brown
Li Li Teh and Colin Macdonald

Kylie Winkworth

Donors $50–$999

Sally Bachelard
Anna-Rosa Baker
Dr Norman Bakker
Nerida Barges
Dr Christine Biggs
Robin Blake
Keith Bradley AM
Helen Brinsmead
Howard and Jennifer Brown
Dr Geoffrey Burkhardt
Dorothy Cameron
Carol Cartwright
Alex and Linda Church
Elizabeth Cowan
Diana Ecclestone
Robert Forbes
Linda Freasier
Robin Gibson
Elizabeth Grant AM
Helen Harvie
Heather Henderson AM
Dr Thelma Heyde
Meredith Hinchliffe
Jo Hirschfeld
John and Danielle Hyndes OAM

Dr Anthea Hyslop
Judith James
Dr Joseph Johnson OAM
Patricia Kneebone
Janet Lapworth
Robin Long
Chris Lord
Rob Lundie
Ben and Marina Maguire
Graeme Mayo
Victor McGrath
Margaret McLeod
Pip McNaught
Joan Merrell
Eveline Milne
Anne Moroney
Ruth Morschel
Anne Moten
Neil Munro
Jenny Myers
Dr Anthony Nicholls
Jenny Nicholson
Pam Nicolson
Nicolson family
Constantinos and Dimitra Nikias

Dr Rosemary Nixon AM
Jim and Sophia Notaras
Lorraine Ovington
Lynette Philipson
Jacqueline Pinkava
Marylou Pooley
Justice Richard Refshauge and Barbara Refshauge
Sanya Ritchie OAM
Prof Robert Shanks
Philip Roper
Alan Rose
Linda Shaw
Dr Marion Simpson
Joan Ten Brummelaar
Frank and Jennifer Van Der Korput 
Ross Warren
Gabrielle Watt
Sharon Watts
Norman and Joy Wheatley
Richard White
David Williams
Dr Ian Willis

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