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Thank you to all our donors who helped us reach our fundraising target. The Care for a Car Appeal is now closed. Your donation has helped us maintain this significant collection and ensure it continues to be enjoyed by national and international audiences.

Fundraising target reached

The National Museum has the largest working car collection of any institution in Australia.

Your generous donations enabled us to:

  • Engage heritage specialists and engineers to work on vehicles.
  • Travel the collection, providing first-hand experience of rare Australian vehicle heritage.
  • Ensure the survival and transfer of important conservations skills.

Thank you

We would like to thank and acknowledge our donors to the Care for a Car Appeal, including those who wish to remain anonymous.

Donors $1,000–$9,999

Graeme and Linda Beveridge


Donors $50–$999

Robin Anderson
Nerida Barges
Catherine Crompton
Anne Fletcher

William Forster
Pam Nicolson
Jim and Sophia Notaras
Margaret Pender and Di Chalmers

Jennifer Rowland
Nea Storey
Halina Zachara

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