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Bible and pocket watch

Portrait of William Faithfull, 1845 painted by ex-convict artist, Joseph Backler.
William Pitt Faithfull's father, William Faithfull, 1845 painted by ex-convict artist, Joseph Backler. Courtesy Jim and Pamela Maple-Brown.

Gifted by Captain Foveaux

The Foveaux bible and pocket watch relate to William Faithfull, father of Springfield founder William Pitt Faithfull.

Private William Faithfull arrived in New South Wales in February 1792 with Captain Joseph Foveaux's company of the New South Wales Corps. Foveaux was one of the largest landholders and stockowners in early New South Wales.

William Faithfull was promoted to corporal and discharged in October 1799 to work as manager on Foveaux's farm. In December 1801 he presented Faithfull with a large two-volume bible, a pocket watch and about 200 sheep.

William Faithfull married Susanna Pitt in 1804 and they had four children: William Pitt, Robert, Alice and George.

By the time of his death in 1847, William Faithfull had a 2000-acre property at Richmond and his eldest son, William Pitt, had established Springfield station near Goulburn.

A gold watch and an open copy of a family bible.
Gold watch and Volume II of Smith's Family Bible, The Complete History of the Old and Left: New Testament 1735-1737 presented to William Faithfull by Captain Joseph Foveaux in 1801. Photos: Dragi Markovic.
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