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Food Stories

About the project

Food Stories uses objects from the National Museum's collection to share stories about productive places, food gardeners, farmers and cooking. Food Stories explores local food histories and cultures and features primary schools taking part in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Program.

Places and objects

Click on an image below for stories about Museum objects and the food history of each area.

Kitchens and gardens

Click on an image below to see primary students at work in their school kitchens and gardens.


Food Stories was launched by the National Museum, in conjunction with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Program and participating schools, in 2013.

The Food Stories project features National Museum collection objects from the locations of each participating school. These objects reveal fascinating and useful stories about local food histories and cultures.

Students from partner schools learn about objects from their area through online activities. The Museum is working with the Stephanie Alexander Foundation to develop curriculum resources that highlight objects and the food stories they hold.

By sharing stories about places and producers responsible for nourishing so many people, Food Stories hopes to help foster stronger, healthier communities, able to respond creatively to the challenges of keeping our farmlands and gardens productive.

Participating schools

Seven primary schools are currently taking part in the Food Stories project:


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