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1825 Barraud chronometer

See and hear a chronometer working

The National Museum of Australia holds one of the largest collections of chronometers in the world. Many are kept in working order by the Museum's conservation team. This film shows one of these chronometers in action.

Video iconSee and hear a chronometer working (MPEG4 4.2mb) duration 01:44

1825 Barraud chronometer

Chronometers have long working lives. This marine chronometer was made by Barraud of Cornhill, London, about 1825. We don't know much about its use, but records show it was on board the merchant vessel and convict transport William Jardine in the 1850s. It may have also been used by the Australian navy in the 20th century.

1825 Barraud chronometer

Photo: George Serras.

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