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Your comments welcome

We welcome your feedback and comments about this site, and your views or stories about Aboriginal breastplates.

Perhaps you know something about one of the breastplates? Or have a connection to one of them in some way? Or maybe you would simply like to make a comment?

Please send your feedback to and include your name, your email address and contact telephone number. Thank you.

Note The National Museum of Australia (the Museum) collects names and contact details so that it is able to identify you as the author of the information collection. The Museum may also use it to let you know how these records are used, and to confirm your acknowledgment of this advice. The Museum does not use your information for any other purpose. The Museum will not disclose this information or provide your details to any other organisations or third party other than for the purpose of updating our records.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding privacy within the Museum please contact the Museum's Privacy Contact Officer at or Privacy Contact Officer National Museum of Australia, GPO Box 1901, Canberra 2601.

By submitting your story in this way, you grant permission for the National Museum of Australia to use this information for the approved purposes set out below and consent to the Museum identifying you by name when using this information.

Approved purposes

Use by the Museum:

  • Primarily on the National Museum of Australia's web section Aboriginal Breastplates Online
  • And, to fulfil the functions of Museum as described under the National Museum of Australia Act 1980 (Cth). Your story may be used in whole, or in part, in a range of products and formats including exhibitions, on the Internet, in multimedia products and educational programs.

I have read the above and understand that approved purposes may involve publicising the place, date and any names associated with the event but my contact details will not be publicised. I hereby give permission for the National Museum of Australia to use my submission for these approved purposes.

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