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As part of the Museum from Home experience, we’re bringing you a diverse range of objects and collections, current exhibitions and activities.

This week we’re celebrating international MuseumWeek. Since 2014 MuseumWeek has connected museums, libraries and galleries across the world. It is now the first virtual, worldwide cultural event to take place via social media platforms.

This year MuseumWeek’s theme is togetherness. Here are some significant moments of togetherness from the Museum.

International togetherness

Interior black and white photo of man sitting at large round table signing a document, with four men standing behind him and a series of flags arranged behind them. - click to view larger image
Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Frank Forde, signing the UN Charter

The Founding of the UN is one of the most important moments in history that demonstrates togetherness. It’s also one of our favourite Defining Moments because of the important role that Australia played.

‘Doc’ Evatt, Minister for External Affairs in the Curtin and Chifley governments, was the president of the UN General Assembly in 1948 to 1949.

He argued strongly for, and succeeded in, enlarging the General Assembly’s scope to include input from smaller countries.

Making art together

In 2015 we collaborated with Tjanpi Desert Weavers to create a unique work inspired by the Seven Sisters songlines.

More than 400 Aboriginal women of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women’s Council worked with the Tjanpi Desert Weavers, who are known for their life-sized sculptural groups and installations.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers, June 2015

The Tjanpi Desert Weavers created sculptures with artists from Papulankutja, in the Blackstone Ranges between the Western and Great Victoria deserts.

During a two-week camp at Kuru Ala, a remote Seven Sisters site in Western Australia, 14 tjanpi weavers wove the sisters into life. They then moved to a campsite just outside Papulankutja to finish the tjanpi sisters.

Each figure was made by two artists. For many of the figures a senior artist was paired with a younger emerging artist so that the act of creation was also one of passing on skills to a future generation of tjanpi artists.

Check out each of the woven figures of Kungkarrangkalnga-ya Parrpakanu (Seven Sisters Are Flying) and learn more about the artists who collaborated on each figure.

Working together

A woman is speaking into a microphone with the 'ROME. CITY+EMPIRE' exhibition banner in the background. - click to view larger image
Museum curator Dr Lily Withycombe

In 2018 we were lucky to have the Rome: City and Empire exhibition travel to the Museum with the help of our friends at the British Museum.

We’ve had a few exhibits come from the British Museum previously, and each of these collaborations involve careful coordination.

You can listen to a behind-the-scenes conversation with team members from the British Museum led by National Museum curator Dr Lily Withycombe. It explores the logistics of bringing an international show to Australia.

Online family togetherness

Time capsule featuring a bottle with folded drawings on paper inside. The bottle is sitting next to other objects including a miniature diary, a Lego person on a bike, and a rock. These objects are sitting on top of a drawing featuring an underwater ocean scene. On top of the bottle’s cap is written in black marker: “Maeves Time capsule. 3/5/20. Do not until 2030”. - click to view larger image
Time capsule activity

Our doors in Canberra are closed at the moment, so we've been missing our Museum families and friends. Luckily, we’ve been keeping in touch with our families by sharing our Fun at home program.

We’ve made board games, bogong moths and written letters! There are helpful videos to show each step in the process.

When you're finished, you can share your creations with us at It's been great to see what families have made. Next week we’ll be making a toy pig, so tune in!

The program broadcasts on our Facebook page at 10.30am every Tuesday. Check out this week’s activity where we make our own time capsules.

Collection Explorer

Colour photo of a patchwork quilt featuring human figures surrounding the Australian continent. - click to view larger image
Living Together quilt

There’s always something to discover in Collection Explorer! When we looked up ‘together’ we found plenty of moments of togetherness.

We especially love the Living together quilt. Although we can’t use it to keep us warm, seeing it warms us from the inside.

We’ll keep bringing objects, collections, exhibitions and programs from the vault as part of the Museum from Home experience. Stay tuned!

In our collection

Living TogetherA multi-coloured double bed sized quilt featuring a map of Australia surrounded by human figures.
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