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Ray Inkamala Tjampitjinpa

Ray Inkamala Tjampitjinpa
Photo: Professor JVS Megaw, Flinders University Art Museum Collection.

Pintupi and Luritja people, about 1920–89
Ray Inkamala grew up in an isolated part of the Western Desert. His first contact with non-Indigenous society was seeing planes overhead as a small boy. His parents died of hunger and thirst in the desert and he was adopted into an extended family, which went to live in a Christian mission in the 1930s.

He worked as a stockman before moving to Papunya and later to several of its satellite settlements. He painted intermittently from early 1976.

Ray Inkamala Tjampitjinpa

Lizard Dreaming Site at Linga-Goora 1976

This painting represents the Dreaming exploits of the Tjulapa, a lizard associated with Linga-Goora, a soakage in stony ground up in the hills. This rare creature has a slim body and is silvery white in colour. The circles and curved lines represent the network of tunnels made by the lizard.

Ray Inkamala Tjampitjinpa painting
Lizard Dreaming Site at Linga-Goora (Lingakura) 1976 by Ray Inkamala Tjampitjinpa.

Lizard Dreaming Site at Linga-Goora 1976, Ray Inkamala Tjampitjinpa
acrylic paint on canvas board

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