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Luke Taylor: individual inspiration and social connection in western Arnhem Land, 5 June 2014

Anthropologist and author Luke Taylor examines how the different schools of bark painting in western Arnhem Land on show in the Old Masters exhibition transformed the way that Yolŋu people represent their world.

audio_w15Audio/transcript of Individual inspiration and social connection lecture

Howard Morphy: Meaning in Yolŋu bark paintings, 3 April 2014Anthropologist Howard Morphy explores the cultural patterns and multi-layered meanings behind the bark paintings on show in Old Masters.

audio_w15Audio/transcript of 'Meaning in Yolŋu bark paintings lecture

Wally Caruana: Seeing Barks, 6 February 2014Indigenous art expert Wally Caruana explores the visual language of the bark paintings on show in the exhibition Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists, and provides insights into the culture of the people who created these works.

audio_w15Audio/transcript of 'Seeing Barks' lecture

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