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Gumatj clan, Yirritja moiety

Colour photograph portrait of a man. - click to view larger image
Muŋgurrawuy Yunupiŋu

About 1905–1979

Muŋgurrawuy was a senior Gumatj cultural leader, one of the Yirritja painters of the Yirrkala Church Panels (1963) and a signatory to the Aboriginal Bark Petition presented to the Australian Government in 1963. He belongs to a family dynasty that includes his sons – the politician Galarrwuy Yunupiŋu and the recently deceased leader of the rock band Yothu Yindi – and three artist daughters.

Muŋgurrawuy’s work featured in several international exhibitions, including: Australian Aboriginal Bark Paintings 19121964 in Liverpool, England, in 1965; Dreamings at the Asia Society Galleries, New York, in 1988; and Aratjara, which toured Europe in 1993–94.

All these bark paintings are part of the National Museum of Australia’s collection. © the artist or the artist’s estate, licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency 2013, unless otherwise specified. These images must not be reproduced in any form without permission.

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